Baby Footprints


Capture a lasting memory

If you want to create a treasured memory for yourself or a unique present for friends and family, then pop into the studio or buy a kit to capture your baby foot/handprints at home. 

Simply pick your pottery and colours. Our experienced staff will capture your baby’s prints (newborn upwards) when in the Studio, or provide video guidance if you are doing it at home. The process is gentle and safe, and some babies even sleep right through! 

Odoo text and image block
Odoo text and image block

Capture your prints and paint later

As a special service to parents, we are happy to take your child’s prints at one session and then keep them safely for when you can return on your own to paint. Parents often prefer to do this when they have several pieces to complete and are looking for some relaxing creative time on their own.

Lots of ideas for wonderful keepsakes

See our foot and hand print gallery below for ideas using baby feet and children’s hand prints We also have many fingerprint art inspired pieces.

Hand and Foot Print Gallery

Here to inspire you...