Children's Parties

Our popular parties are perfect for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years.  The birthday boy or girl chooses one of our party pieces to paint with all their friends and they get to create their own signature plate with a dedicated Fun Pots host.   

You can also run the party yourself at home should you prefer.  We'll provide all the paints, instructions, pottery and brushes so you can still enjoy one of our beloved pottery parties.


How does a pottery party work?

1. Pick your pottery

The image below shows you our special party pieces you can choose from. If you want to pick something from outside this range just let us know. 

2. Fill out the form below 

Or give us a call on 01444 414 234 to discuss your party details.

3. Confirm and pay 

Once all the details are sorted your payment will confirm the party booking.

4. If painting at home, receive your pottery 

You can collect your kit from the studio. Each package contains everything you need to enjoy your party. 

5. Paint in the studio or at home

Time to get creative and have fun!   If you are at home we'll give you instructions and separate kits with paint as needed. 

6. Glazing and Firing 

If at home, bring your pottery back to the studio for glazing and firing. We will send you a text and email when your finished pottery is ready to collect and enjoy!

Choose from our party pottery range

Odoo CMS - a big picture

All you need to know

What's included?  
A piece of pottery from our party selection for each child, a party plate for the birthday child and a drink.  

How much does it cost?  
Our party package is for a  minimum of 6 painters.  Paint at home or a 1 hour studio party costs £16 per head.  A 1.5 hour studio party is £19 per head.

What about the mess?  
Our special pottery paints are washable and do not stain clothes. If the weather is nice you could hold your pottery party in the garden, making it super easy to clean up at the end.


Fun Pots Party Plate

The Fun Pots Party Plate is our gift to the birthday child. Signed by all the children who attend the party, it makes a lovely memento to remember your little one's special day.

If you are running the party yourself, simply capture the handprint of the birthday boy/girl and the fingerprints of all those attending.  Write the names in pencil and let us know what animal you want the handprint turned into. We'll do the rest. It will be a great surprise for the birthday boy/girl as a fantastic memento of a fab birthday.

Party Bags

Make your party planning easier by letting us do party bags for you too. Available at £4.00 per bag, each contains: 

A pottery shape 

Two mini pots of acrylic paint 


Chocolate bar 

Colouring sheet

‘Thank you for coming to my party’ note 

A surprise gift

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Party Invitations

When you have made a party booking click on this image above to download our Fun Pots Party Invitation pdf to print.

How to book

Please use the contact form below to enquire about booking your Fun Pots Paint at Home children's party.

Our children's parties are ideal for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years

Our party packages are available for a minimum of six children. Exact numbers can be confirmed closer to the party date if required.

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