Paint at Home - Collection Only

Paint in the comfort of your own home!

For a fun and creative activity, some mindfulness time either for yourself or the children, create a unique gift, capture baby footprints or spend quality-time with family and friends, pottery painting is ideal.  

It's simple and straight-forward to order your paint at home pottery from our online shop. Choose from our wide range of pottery (from mugs, bowls, ornaments to home decor and giftware) and we'll provide the paint, brush and instructions. All the paint is washable so you don't even have to worry about the mess. We really have thought of everything! 

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How it works

1. Choose your pottery

From tiles to toast racks, we have loads of pots to choose from, all listed on our online shop. Simply add what you want to paint to your cart.

2. Select your paints

You can choose from one of three colour paint palettes during the checkout process so you've got just the right colours for your creation. Your choices are a rainbow selection, pink/purples, blue/greens or a bespoke selection of your own choosing. Then just proceed to payment. 

3. Collect your order

  Please choose free 'click and collect' from our Studio in Haywards Heath

4. Time to paint

Now you’ve collected our pottery, it’s time to get creative! Your kit will include pottery pieces, brushes, sponges and paints. Everything you need to enjoy a fun and relaxing paint at home.

5. Return to us for glazing & firing

When you’ve finished painting, drop your pottery into the Studio. We will glaze and fire it ready for collection. I n about two week's time, you'll get a text and email saying you can come and collect your masterpiece.

6. Enjoy!

Whether it’s putting your new ornament on the mantelpiece, hanging your baby footprint clock on the wall or simply having a sip from your very own hand-painted mug it’s time to sit back and enjoy your creation!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the kit include?
Your kit will include your chosen pottery, the selected paint colour palette and brushes. If you are doing hand or footprints please let us know and we'll include a sponge for you too. Should you need any particular tools just let us know.

What about the mess in my house?
 All of the paints are water-based so it all washes out or wipes away very easily. 

How much does the pottery cost?
All of our pottery is individually priced, with prices starting from £4.50, but our most popular items are within the £11 - £20 range.

Is there a firing fee?
There is a £10 firing fee on all pottery orders under £85. But no firing fee for orders of pottery over £85 or if you are a member.

paint at home pottery being put together

Can you post the pottery to me to paint and again once it's fired?
Sorry we don't offer this service.   

Can I collect my pottery from your Studio?
Yes, indeed you can collect from our Studio situated in Mid-Sussex, Haywards Heath. We are a ten-minute drive from Burgess Hill and 20mins from Crawley.

 What do I need to be able to paint at home? 
Not very much to be honest! Besides the kit, you will need a bowl of water and a plate to put the paint onto. You may want some paper underneath you and some kitchen towel at the ready.

What if I make a mistake? 
Because the paint is water-based, you can literally wipe the paint away if you make a mistake. The best thing to use is either a wet, clean brush for small mistakes or a clean, damp washing up sponge. If you make a mistake with the darker colours, it is harder to wipe away completely and some of the paint may be absorbed, just to warn you. So sticking with medium shade colours is often better especially for baby prints.

What if I need some help?
We are still here for you! Give us a call to talk it through, drop us an email and there some videos on YouTube too with hints and tips. 

How do I return my item to you if I am painting at home?

Please drop into the Studio.  If you choose to return by post please wrap your item carefully as we cannot accept responsibility for breakages.

Ready to start painting?
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Paint at home bestsellers



 Coming in 4 and 6 inch squares, these are absolute favourite for baby footprints as they can be framed or have cork added to them to make a perfect gift and keepsake.



Barrel, flare, child or travel? Different mug sizes for every hand and preference. These are great for capturing baby and child handprints due to their curved shape but there are so many other ways to personalise with messages, scenery and your own design.


Pen Pots

Rectangular or round? Why choose, have both! A great accessory for a desk and with homeworking looking like a keeper, it makes a great gift for someone or something to feel of proud of yourself whenever you reach for that pen.

Needing some more inspiration?

This is just a small sample of some of the paint at home pieces our lovely customers have created.