Signing Plates make novel giftsFun Pots Signing Plates example 1
at special occasions such as Christenings, Weddings and Birthday Parties. They are also a great way to say a collective  ‘Thank You’ or ‘Good Luck’  to work colleagues. The result will be something to cherish forever.

How it works

You choose your piece of pottery. This could be a platter, but wine coolers and vases are also popular.

We then pack up your piece with felt tip pens.  You get everyone to sign and return the piece to the studio.

Either commission us to paint over the signatures and add any decoration, or you could complete the piece yourself.

The piece will then be glazed and fired ready for collection within a week.Fun Pots Plates Signing example 3


What it costs

Our large platters, wine coolers and vases start at £30.

If you would like to commission us to paint for you, our hourly rate is £15.

Commissions can vary according to the number of signatures and decorative work required. Typically a large platter with 60 or more signatures and a central design can take 3 to 4 hours.