Unicorn Ready-Made Kit

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The smiling, sitting unicorn is just one of our homeschooling / lockdown entertaining range. As one of our favourite items for children of all ages, it provides them with an opportunity to try out a range of colours and a few new techniques to really develop their creativity and self-expression. And they get a beautiful piece of pottery, they have personalised created, at the end of it all. That's not bad!

This sitting unicorn will make anyone give a smile. He may look cheeky, but he isn't really. In fact, as part of our homeschooling range (or Home Potting!) you can confident that children of all ages will enjoy and learn a great deal from painting him. That's the expressive arts of homeschooling ticked off your list! The ready-made kit comes with the rainbow paint palette as standard as well as a sponge. 

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