Gifts for Teachers

Show your Favourite Teacher how much you care.

Its’ as easy as 1, 2 ,3…

Class Platter with children’s names or fingerprint design

Create a beautiful unique gift from the whole class for your special teacher:

  1. Choose your design from the plates displayed below.
  2. You pick up the plate, some paints and special pens. The children each do a fingerprint or write their name on the plate.
  3. Bring the platter back to the Studio for us to add the finishing touches.

Signature Rim Platter

Each child can write their name with the special pen and we will overwrite it and add the detail for you in the Studio.

Size 32cm: £60

Tree Blossom Platter

Each child can add their fingerprints in paint to make the blossom, and we add the detail in afterwards for you

Size 30cm: £60

Size 35cm: £70

Bee Platter

Simply have the children add their fingerprints in yellow paint and we’ll turn each fingerprint into a lovely buzzy bee for you

Size 30cm: £70

Size 35cm: £80

Bespoke Gifts

We also offer lots of bespoke options for unique gifts… please call us or pop in to the Studio to discuss.